W3C WebRTC Meetup Update

Feb 2023

Romain Vailleux
WebRTC Paris Meetup | DevFest Perros-Guirec
@rvailleux@fosstodon.org | @WebRTCWildCard on Twitch

WebRTC - a W3C Standard

2021 - WebRTC becomes a standard
(per W3C and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force))


W3C - a Community-led Standardization Organization

  • Any individual can participate to working groups
  • Anyone can be a W3C member (membership fees apply :))
    • Browser Editors
    • End-users Solution providers
  • Any member can propose for a new standard
  • A standard will succeed only if it is elaborated collectively
  • The working group leaders are making sure the consensus is going forward and reached before publication of a news standard.

🚀 Deployed/Matured topics

  • Media Capture and Streams (Candidate Recommendation Drafts)
  • Screen Capture (Working Draft)
  • Audio Output Devices API (Candidate Recommendation Drafts)

👶 Still in progress topics

  • MediaStreamTrack Insertable Media Processing using Streams (Working Drafts)
  • Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Extension for WebRTC (Working Drafts)
  • Region, Viewport Capture (Working Drafts)
  • Capture Handle - Bootstrapping Collaboration when Screensharing (Working Drafts)
  • WebRTC Encoded Transform
  • The Capture-Handle Actions Mechanism

👀 Get inspired - A glance at use cases to be covered with WebRTC in the future

  • File Sharing
  • IoT
  • Virtual Reality Gaming
  • Funny Hats/In-Browser compositing / Voice effect / Captioning / Voice-Face analysis (a.k.a raw media manipulation before sending)
  • Cloud Gaming / Game Streaming
  • Low latency broadcast with P2P relays
  • Decentralized Messaging

How to get infos, engage with or contribute to the WebRTC WG?

Get Info

How to get infos, engage with or contribute to the WebRTC WG?


How to get infos, engage with or contribute to the WebRTC WG?


  • Express yourself on current topics processed by the working group
    • Github issues is the way!
  • Propose to lead new topics of interest - Consensus-based decision

==> Membership: https://www.w3.org/Consortium/membership.html

Get more infos:

W3C Staff

These slides

On myGitHub account

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